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What started as a dip into social media marketing quickly grew into a full-fledged career in content. I’ve overseen high-volume social media accounts across platforms. I’ve driven conversions and increased MQLs. I’ve built pipeline through high-quality content, but nothing beats having the opportunity to blend my passion and profession.

My five years of marketing experience lie in creating blogs, social posts, white papers, case studies, email nurtures, feature (product) pages, press releases, and so much more. Research + copywriting are my bread and butter.

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Content Writer for The Digital Navigator

[~1 year] Highlights: Promptly meet deadlines for projects, follow content style/format and SEO requirements, conduct keyword and content research for diverse brands and topics, proofread/edit all work

I create marketing collateral - blogs, child pages (landing pages), parent pages (home pages, product pages, etc.) for various clients. Through copywriting and content creation - I promote their products, services, generate demand, or build brand awareness. Following SEO guidelines, I research and naturally embed keywords into content to drive organic traffic. Further, SEO analytics (monthly search volume, keyword difficulty/density, etc.) are tracked to optimize keyword planning and content strategy.

(Current) Freelance Content Marketer/Copywriter

[2 years and beyond] Highlights: Build high-converting marketing content, generate demand, boost brand awareness, improve website traffic, + craft sales copy to increase profits/enhance ROI for various clients

Create content, campaigns, and copy for clients. I've helped close a $100k+ construction build (Mariner's Church, CA) for Dasher & Tabata. I've grown over $60k in pipeline from a single SEO pillar project series that immensely boosted web traffic, thus leading to software product sales (LineLeader). I've effectively improved Master Class registrations through heart-warming copy (Soul Success). Fill out the form to talk numbers or geek out over beautiful content!

(Current) Content Specialist at LineLeader by ChildcareCRM

[1.5 years] Highlights: Create captivating content - blogs, press releases, guides/white papers, trade show fliers, case studies, pillar pages, landing pages, feature pages, and more, dabble in graphic design (infographics, unique brand images), build sales pipeline, boost MQLs, improve SEO (increase organic traffic through pillar pages, content optimization, and more)

Crafting copy that converts is my passion and profession. I draft blogs, create sales copy, build product + feature copy, design landing pages and various web pages, write pillars to boost SEO, track marketing, organic traffic + keyword analytics to optimize content. This is all in the name of building demand, growing pipeline w/ a steady stream of MQLs, and optimizing our ROI to increase sales. Plus, I apply our company to awards (grow brand + product awareness). We recently won a Stevie Award for Best Employers! I assist in our brand re-launch, new website build, content strategy/planning, social copy, and more.

Social Media Content Strategist for HospitalityFan

[4+ years] Highlights: Work with a variety of brands to formulate eye-catching content to increase consumer traffic, collaborate on stylistic and content intentions, and facilitate communication with consumers

Designing social media strategies to achieve marketing targets by managing and creating original content for multiple clients' social media platforms. Writing is targeted to include key SEO terms while building a planned outline for increasing brand awareness and web traffic.

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